Honda ZSX patent becomes Vision Gran Turismo

A couple of years back, Honda filed a patent for a presumed ‘baby NSX’ to slot below the firm’s lone sports car. Adding to additional speculation on a possible smaller sports car, the Japanese automaker termed it ZSX. Patent pictures of this ZSX proves that it resembled that of the NSX notably with the slender headlights, bold creases, along with side mounted ports.

Apart from the discovery of the patent, Honda has been quiet in their infant NSX, leading to guess that the automobile will remain a patent. Apart from leaked screenshots of this concept in-game, there are no details about its technical specification. Rumors back then stated that the theory will be powered by a 2.0-liter turbo motor by the Civic Type R and some 1.5-liter engine, each of which was stated to assisted by hybrid technology. Though its odds of becoming reality is near to none, we get the chance to push the Honda Sports Vision GT Concept after Gran Turismo Sport launches on October 18. Just like most Vision Gran Turismo notions, these cars are only created for use in the driving simulator. We can however still hope that the concept is more than only a video game vehicle. Now, together with the releaese of Gran Turismo Sport fast approaching, the infant NSX has returned albeit in digital form since Honda’s brand new Vision GT concept.

The general form of the patent has been retained, however, the Honda Sport Vision Gran Turismo conept does seem flatter with cleaner lines in comparison with this patent. Most of the details such as the NSX-inspired grill and the sculpted rear end has been completed over. Insert the new wheels and it gives the concept a meaner look compared to this patent.

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